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We have acquired and transformed companies through on-shore manufacturing automation and utilization of intellectual property.

Our global reach and presence has enabled us to outsource tooling and labor intensive components to leverage our US based and very

efficient manufacturing.  If you need someone who can help you navigate through this journey of global manufacturing. CONTACT US!

A UNIQUE real estate portfolio


We lead the way in global search for stable but growth markets.  With ever changing regional economies , our investors  need someone who knows how to accomplish the unthinkable through value add strategies. Need to identify opportunities for investment in growth markets! CONTACT US!

Experience in transforming MFG businesses

If you are looking for a knowledgeable investor/adviser  :  

and you are:

 At a loss for what to do with your company in the changing market.

    Lack resources for capital improvements

  Or simply looking to transition into a life of leisure!

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     R-Squared Group -Manufacturing,  Mergers & Acquisitions


We are effective in comprehensive analysis of business in a dynamic and rapidly changing environment. Our history of companies we have successfully transformed speaks for itself. We pride ourselves in locating wealth building opportunities - large or small, that simply require experience and knowledge of tools required in today's economy. Lean Manufacturing, flow manufacturing and robotics are not just buzz-words , but practices we live by.

value investing-mergers and acquisitions with global reach and  local knowledge !