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Our team partners and advisors


Ben is a leader of a private equity group Pinnacle Equity Partners and a value investor whose philosophy of seeking investments with a high IQ ( Intellectual-Property Quotient) aligns well with our criterion for investments.  Seeking investments in growth industries creates the extra benefit of the high tide raising all vessels.


Youth with investment savvy

Munish is a co-manager of the Marsico International Opportunities fund. He earned his CFA designation in 2006 and has over ten years experience in financial services. Earlier he worked as an international equities analyst at Driehaus Capital Management. He holds a BS degree from Loyola University and a MS in economics from University of Denver


case studies--our investments

R2- R2: Acquired from a Multi-Billion Dollar European multinational company. This HVAC component manufacturing company was fledgling in spite of a unique intellectual property advantage over it's competitors.   As in any business the market advantages don't last forever. The company had to reinvent itself with it's core process competence and advantage. In a period of seven years we were able to transform this company into one of the world leaders in heat Exchanger manufacturing. We used all the tools of modern manufacturing and innovation to capture market share in the new products we developed. This included major improvements in product quality through DOE and lean manufacturing. The investors were paid handsomely not only in distributions but many times over return on their equity.

C-1: We acquired a border based EMS manufacturer that had over committed and not delivered on its promise and also fell victim to the dot com bubble bust. The spigot was turned off on the telecom and many other sub segments. The company had to be transformed into a quality industrial components manufacturer. It soon became a supplier of choice for many of the fortune 1000 companies. It was more than a survival in a very tough time but a test on developing new products, processes , customers and successfully achieving organic growth. 

S-x We invested with our private equity partners in many specialized companies like

Pharmaceutical packaging company. 

A chain of restaurants

Asset management company that managed over $500 million of assets 

And more..


Our team and advisors


Lead Investor Managing Partner . 

A career manufacturing operator CEO and investors. Trained under the best of quality leaders, and corporate deal-makers. He is a motivational team builder and innovator. He has successfully transformed many businesses, through product innovations and building a quality culture.

Ray holds a masters degree in engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana. He is an avid skier, traveler and Tennis player. 


Our Operation Guru

Jay has been our Guru of efficient manufacturing for decades. He has been a partner in building teams with continuous flow and lean factories with in the factory. He bring a wealth of experience in running our border operations and international sourcing.

Management Leadership and Sales

Our Go-To-Guy and a tactical leader.

Neil is a brilliant leader and seasoned Sales and Marketing professional. He has lead several of our companies and has been a key part of their transformation and our overall success.  Before becoming company President he held the VP of sales position for many years. He holds a degree in Marketing and Business from Ball State University


Acquisition areas

We like Industrial and Commercial components manufacturing. This space in a low to mid technology space does not require huge R & D investment yet responds well to technology applications to better component design and manufacturing. 


Acquistion Strategy

We are and have been believers in America's ability to innovate and be a strong economic force through productivity gains, automation and elimination of waste. Since majority of the new jobs are created by small companies, it supports our strategy of acquiring privately held companies that offer opportunity of product innovation and application of lean manufacturing to build enterprise value. 

Since most large enterprises concentrate on their brand building and end product design value proposition, the burden of producing components often falls on small to mid level companies. This is where we concentrate to find intellectual property in components manufacturing in product or process form.

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