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Lean Manufacturing

Today's competitive environment with global competition from low labor cost countries requires doing a lot more with just a little more than the cost base of the competition. That means being lean and efficient, wringing out waste from not just operations but every phase of your business. Lean manufacturing utilizing all the productivity tools can be one of the biggest competitive weapons in today's market. In most all of our acquisitions we have been able to improve profitability through reduction of waste in scarp and rework costs. Quality cost is the hidden enemy that can kill all your positive and productive efforts. Coupled with lack of just in time deliveries to customers it is also one of the biggest reasons for losing business to competition. 

   Productivity and flow manufacturing

In the early stages of growth of a business it is difficult to justify or afford major investments in automation to achieve product cost objectives. Innovative means of semi-automatic tools with flow manufacturing is often one of the big weapons for achieving competitive cost advantage over competition. Low corporate overhead is the equalizer that levels the field. We have been succesful at using these tools effectively to gain competitive advantage and grow our business profitable and create value. 

Global supply base


In today's economy it is a distinct advantage to adapt best practices from your allies around the world and use  their strengths to gain a market advantage.

While leveraging US quality systems, automation , management and technology skills , we feel it is important to reach out to the low cost markets for select areas of manufacturing needs. This includes on selective basis high quality tooling for cost effective competitive product launches. In many cases due to our partnerships across the globe we can actually save lead time in tooling while gaining a cost advantage. Also in some commodity components sourcing the turn around time to tool and get the component can be both cost effective and expedient. . In some cases difference between landing some business or not landing it can be the tooling cost amortization and cost of low bulk high labor components.

We use our decades of experience in having partnerships and relationships to profitably grow our businesses. 

International business connections .. we connect the dots including global supply base!

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